Fiat 500L (1972)

Fiat 500L (1972)



The Fiat 500L is a beautiful rare sight nowadays, but was once the defining features of the sun-drenched anarchy of Rome’s traffic. The 500L, “L” standing for Lusso, is a later model in the 18-year run of the 500. Over the course of production, nearly four million were produced. The Fiat 500L is powered by a rear-mounted, air-cooled, two-cylinder, 499cc engine. Output was a mere 18bhp with a top speed of nearly 100kmph. With a kerb weight of just 530kg, this car is not about thrashing at high speeds on the road, but extremely chill and relaxing city driving. Any attempt to quickly shift through the 4 speed manual transmission will guarantee a grinding of gears. The 1972 Fiat 500L presented by A.K.A. Automotive has undergone a full nuts and bolts restoration at the Fiat factory in Italy. No expenses were spared to recreate the car in the original Dawn White exterior colour, matched with a contrasting tan interior. At a bargain, this baby Italian pony can be yours now.

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  • Engine

    499cc Inline2 18bhp
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    -- km

  • Gearbox

    4 speed MT / RWD